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Budget for Us Project (B4U)

This program aims at guide the planning and budgeting processes, in order to ensure, that resources are properly mobilized, allocated and utilized in an efficient, equitable and gender sensitive manner to promote sustainable development at both higher and lower local governments, through use of available platforms and networks that we subscribe both at national, district level.


Micro Finance for Rural Women Project (MiRWo)

This project aims at improving community livelihoods and household incomes through provision of free interest loans to rural women groups and teenage mothers for purposes of promoting production, business and in farming of short gestation crops.


Adaptive Rural Community Horizon (ACH)

This majorly has had captivating impacts through the “adapt a million trees campaign” in our society. For emphasis of mitigating effects of climate change by campaigning against wanton destruction of environments and greenery belts, poor garbage disposal, destructive mining practices and poor exploitation of natural resources.


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