It is with particular pleasure that we are able to share with you again the tremendous work we are doing with the rural communities. Together, with countless effort from every stakeholder we put a spirited effort to create an impact in advocacy and empowerment of our people. This effort is profound enough to be felt communally.


As an important step for the IRUCE communities. It fills us with joy, but mostly with zeal that we make phenomenal journeys of navigating and defying barriers to service delivery in the rural communities.


The prowess to break new ground and create a clear future for communities will never be a simple task, but we are determined to take it on.


Our goal to deliver tangible impact to the rural communities continue unfettered with several undertakings grow our work for advocacy and empowerment.


In all we do, we have concentrated on community critical areas for people to thrive: incomes, livelihoods, and environmental justice.


To maximize learning, we are intentionally out there to measure our potential to reach out to the rural areas, hard-to-reach and hard-to-stay.


In the face of severe poverty and fragile livelihoods, made even more vulnerable and worse by depreciating social amenities, low incomes and population growth, we are left with no option but to intervene with the little we can.


Our story is one of voluntarism and optimism, a philosophy set forth by Leibniz that “this world is the best of all possible worlds” all we can do is to make it a better place to live.


We appreciate all efforts in a series of charitable activities by our incredible board, donors, partners, staff and volunteers who have especially devoted to address community concerns in the rural spaces of Uganda.


Looking to the future, we hope we can count on your continued support to strengthen advocacy for the rural communities.


Arans Tabaruka

Executive Director

Integrated Rural Communities Empowerment