Integrated Rural Community Empowerment, (IRUCE) is an indigenous not for-profit Organization working with the rural communities to strengthen their potential to advocate for improved Livelihoods, Environment justice and reduction in Poverty Levels in the South West Uganda.


Integrated Rural Community Empowerment (IRUCE) operates on 3 -Fold Approach to address rural community challenges in Child & Women Empowerment, Good governance and human rights advocacy, Natural resources Justice and Development.


This is achieved through a Working Promise: “Bringing hope and prospect to our rural communities”

IRUCE intends to buttress on individual hope and prospect in communities that present socio-economic situations and challenges, affecting youth and women to change tremendously.


IRUCE registered as a community-based organization in 2012 and subsequently as a not-for-profit organization, governed by a board directors. The board is responsible for the overall governance issues and policy formulation in the organization and is mandated to perform tasks as prescribed by the constitution.


IRUCE has an Executive Director coordinating a workforce of extension staff and community volunteers scattered in different locations. To establish the most efficient and cost effective means of operating as an organization.

“Bringing hope and prospect to our rural communities”

Working Promise

“Bringing hope and prospect to our rural communities”


An Integrated, and self-reliant rural community, working as change agents to achieve sustainable livelihoods.


To improve the quality of life of people living in rural communities through; Empowering the smallest unit of socialization, the families and the vulnerable groups at the community levels.


To empower and support the less underprivileged in the most rural communities in Uganda to access support, quality health, education, sanitation and hygiene, improved incomes.

Our Values