It gives me a lot of pleasure and honor, in the first place, to give a commendation on such a historical success of Integrated Rural Community Empowerment, especially the milestones made over the years since its inception in 2013.


Integrated Rural Community Empowerment (IRUCE), is the first of its kind in the hard-to-reach rural areas of South West Uganda to offer non-interest (free) startup capital for women groups. There is no other group or non-governmental organization, in the area that has attempted this.  I am very confident indeed, that we are the beacon of hope for rural women and children in eradication of poverty at the homestead level.


IRUCE has been able to circumvent, one of the critical hurdles, in operation and management of microfinance industry by guaranteeing 100% start-up capital recovery rate. Not even government-backed interventions have been able to achieve this. This implies a lot of potential in investing in small micro women enterprises.


The only challenge, I have witnessed and which needs to be overcome, is urgently ensuring prompt mobilization of more funds. The disbursed funds appeared insignificant and could not be marched with available demand.


As we continue to work on this deliberate cause, we pledge individual and corporate support to the organization and communities, more than we are already giving and sharing – expertise, financial resources, and non-financial resources, to uphold activities in the communities.


It is our intention to interact with the community and other stakeholders so that we can learn and reach out better with support, as our efforts are premised on a holistic approach to empower community women and children.


We all look forward to a great effort and in our mission of Bringing Hope to Our Rural Communities.


John Baptist Imokola


Integrated Rural Community Empowerment