Budget for Us Project (B4U)

This program aims at guide the planning and budgeting processes, in order to ensure, that resources are properly mobilized, allocated and utilized in an efficient, equitable and gender sensitive manner to promote sustainable development at both higher and lower local governments, through use of available platforms and networks that we subscribe both at national, district level. We engage legislators and stakeholders with sufficient opportunity to debate both national, district and lower local government’s budget framework papers for each particular F/Y in order to get “a people centered budget that dignifies humanity” and to use it to meaningfully, influence final decision budgets for that particular F/Y. This will be achieved through giving snapshot analysis on both higher and lower local government budgets for every F/Y. It also aims, at establishing budget monitoring and accountability committees, at district, town councils and sub-counties) for purposes of effectively making citizen’s voice central in the budgeting making, compliance and discipline.